♥ Delivery FAQs ♥


♥ Delivery FAQs ♥


♥ Delivery FAQs ♥

1. Make sure you chose the right menu for your delivery area. Your choices are Los Angeles or San Diego 

2. Place your order on our website. 

3. We happily waive the $15 delivery fee for orders of $75 or more in MOST of the LA & San Diego areas. Just use Coupon Code FREE at check out! 

4. We’ll email your delivery details after this menu closes.

5. Receive your delivery. Eat the Food and Share the Love!

♥ Tips:

♥ Receive a Free treat on Your NEXT ORDER for referral of new client who mentions your name on their first order. Thank you!

♥ If you have a special request, please leave us a note at check out.

♥ We happily sterilize and recycle our GLASS containers should you like to leave them out for us to pick up on delivery.

♥ Need to ask if your address is in range ? Do it!

♥ Please note that cancelations are not practical in our system. We’re a small shop & when you submit your order, we immediately begin working on your food. We are focused on preparing and delivering fresh, wholesome food. We cry when food is wasted. Thank you!

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