Hi there. My name is Monica Ford. I am an Ancestral Cuisine educator and chef for busy families, celebrities and athletes. I founded Real Food Devotee, the first Traditional Foods delivery service in SoCal, because I needed to bring an empowering food philosophy into more homes. Over the years, my team and I have been lucky enough to successfully shepherd Real Food Devotee from a few jars, a head of cabbage & a dream into a powerful, change-making force in the Real Food Movement.

Real Food woke me up and changed my health. I shed all of my food allergies (I’d not been able to consume dairy for 20 YEARS!), all my seasonal allergies, healed a couple of cavities and I have not even been bothered with a cold in the better part of a decade. That is inspiring to me but, it was when I saw my loved ones and other families healing that true motivation was set aflame in my heart and Real Food Devotee was born.

Now, I happily teach people around the world how to understand and use the healing modality of ancestral cuisine in their own homes. And who doesn’t want to know how to make probiotic soda their kids will beg for or yogurt that will totally redefine yogurt?!? It’s joyous to hold your own healing in your heart, mind and hands.

I believe optimal health is our birth rite and let’s face it-- we are modeling the food values of the future. I remember as a child, my family planned our days around food from the think-tank of the kitchen and now it’s clear that everything I know about food came from someone else. I never even knew I could cook until I set off on my own, but my mother, father and grandmothers were the perfect teachers. It was then that I found all their stories told to me in the dinners, lunches and snacks they made, written on my heart. They are my everyday inspiration for Real Food Devotee, and you and your family are the reason. 

We used to have a naturally occurring community around food and that can exist again in our modern world. All we have to do is create it. Sharing is how we grow. Get real. Be well. 



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