Our Mission

Wellness through Real Food
We believe that real food heals. We make Ancestral Cusine using traditional techniques and the best ingrediets. We do not use processed food shortcuts. We believe, as you do, healthy food should always taste good. We are master fermenters and queens of bone broth and we relish the opportunity to prepare high vibration foods for you and your family.

We support local farmers
We support local growers who are commited to sustainable land stewardship and are fair employers growing nutrient-dense food the way nature intended. Through the Real Food Devotee menu, you are conecting with farmers in your local food system and together we are casting an ever more powerful vote for the vibrant health of our loved ones, our local economy and the planet we share.

Educational Outreach
We love to teach. Our head chef, Monica Ford, speaks reguarly at nutrition-centric events and leads hands on classes bubbling with exciment about Real Food. Check out our classes if you’d like to unlock your inner foodie alchemist or if your event or group would like to schedule a lecture or class, please contact us.  

You Are Our Inspiration
Thank you for every time you’ve shared how Real Food has improved your and your family’s health and given you a more tasty day! Your feedback motivates, inspires and just plain gives us joy!


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