How To Make Bone Broth That Gels & A Body That Rocks!
By Monica Ford-
Many of my clients are referred by a healthcare practitioner specifically for good quality bone broth. I have seen quality bone broth change the health of clients, friends and loved ones. It has also changed my health for the better. So, if you’re in the SoCal area, we’d be happy to deliver it to your door but, if you want to make it in your home, read on and let's get our superhuman on!

First, bone broth is the secret to any good sauce, soup or meal. Chefs and our ancestors have known this for ages. In fact, MSG is now added to thousands of processed foods as a cheap - all be it neuro-toxic - method of mimicking the bone broth taste we have evolved to seek and love. It is that savory umami saturated flavor of real quality bone broth that we desire.

Second, bone broth has long been the traditional flagship-food of healing and with good reason. Rich in minerals and gelatin, bone broth can aid us in healing the subtle and not-so-subtle deficiencies of the modern diet. Chicken soup is our age old, go-to cure for a cold. An echo of that philosophy remains even through we have all but lost the art of making true chicken bone broth.

Third, making bone broth creates a more sustainable and respecful kitchen. A kitchen that honors the death of the animal by using all parts of the animal instead of wasting parts that might not be as convenient as a lone skinless, boneless chicken breast.
So Why Not Buy It At The Store??
Because most commercial bone broths not only exclude many quality ingredients that imbue bone broth with its healing powers but they add junky ingredients. A very popular organic, commercial brand includes the following ingredients: Water, beef stock (Water, Beef*)*, sea salt, cane sugar*, onion powder*, yeast extract, garlic powder*, caramel color*, black pepper *Organic. Do we really need sugar and caramel color in our bone broth? No! And this bone broth is considered top quality in many health food stores.
There are many other wonderful components of bone broth in addition to gelatin. For instance, a generous serving of minerals in which the Western diet is lacking. But, let’s talk gelatin. Because, gelatin is sexy! I’m serious!

The process of cooking breaks collagen down into gelatin, which makes amino acids like glycine, pollen and glutamine bio-available. We need these amino acids to create and support connective tissue. How do we see the benefits? Stronger tendons that connect muscle to bone, firmer skin, strong teeth & nails, more lubricated joints, fortified digestive lining, more efficient digestion and a general decrease in inflammation in the body. I could go on and on but let’ s get to the recipe so you can make broth that gels and a body that rocks!
Easy Bone Broth That Gels

• Make it easy on yourself!
• Use a Crock-Pot. You can leave your broth to cook for as long as you want without worrying about leaving the house
• Want to use your gas stove? Try a flame-tamer for long cooking.
• Want to make a big batch? Gift yourself a new heavy bottom stock pot . You’ll use it forever!
• Bones from animals raised on pasture yield a consistently more gelatinous bone broth
• Stick with my ratios below for a consistently gelatinous broth
• Ask your butcher to cut the bones into manageable pieces
Beef Bone Broth Ingredients:
• 4 lbs. beef knuckle bones
• 3 lbs. meaty bones (i.e. oso bucco, ribs, shank etc.)
• 4 quarts of cold water (your water level should cover the ingredients by no more than 2 inches
• ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
• 1 yellow onion, quartered
• 1 head of garlic
• 2 carrots
• ½ bunch parsley
• 1 tsp unrefined salt
Beef Bone Broth Method:

• Add bones, vinegar, salt and cold water to stock pot or crock pot and bring to low simmer
• Skim the broth. I love to make this easy with this tool
• Add all other ingredients except parsley
• Put your lid on securely and allow cooking at a low simmer for 36-48 hours.
• Add parsley at the last 30 minutes of cooking
• Strain through a fine metal sieve over another pot
• Chill the broth. The fat will rise to the top which you can mix into the broth, skim, save and use for other cooking or discard.

Active Time: 30 minutes
Yields: 4 quarts
Chef's Note:

Intolerant or allergic to vegetables: If you are healing a digestive issue and are intolerant to any of the vegetables listed above, simply omit the vegetables for now. Your water level should cover the bones in the pot by no more than 2 inches

Feel free to make a large batch and freeze some of the broth in convenient portions to use later.
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